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No one wants to talk about “curing” diabetes because there’s no money in doing so.

It all starts with the diet


Beating and reversing type 2 diabetes starts with diet and nutrition.

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Healthy Diets

Eat better, feel better, get better.

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Exercise & Activity

Routines, tips, and guides to get you more active.

Health Care to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

Health Care

Medications, natural remedies, and care.

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Beat Type 2 Diabetes

I’m Drew, and I’ve spent the better part of the last two years trying to beat diabetes.

I’ve tried everything – medications, exercise, diet, nutrition, homeopathic remedies… you name it and I’ve tried it. Because of all my research, I know that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed! I’ve built this site to share all my research and findings with others who are struggling with their own Type 2 diabetes and are looking for answers and solutions.

I hope you find the information and help that you are looking for, and I’m excited to join you on this journey!

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Plan to Beat Diabetes

My Health Plan to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

My Health Plan

Lots of great resources on reversing type 2 diabetes (or keep from getting it!)

My Diet Plan to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

My Diet Plan

I’m currently following a modified Paleo diet plan – and it works!

My Exercise Plan to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

My Exercise Plan

Go from hating workouts to loving workouts! See my gym routine.

Type 2 Diabetes

Doesn’t Have To Be Forever

Type 2 Diabetes is preventable, treatable, and, often, reversible. I invite you to come with me on my journey to learn more about my own Type 2 Diabetes, as I search for answers and treatments. Be sure to check out my many articles on Diabetes – things I’ve learned along the way that I hope can help you, too.

What Causes Diabetes?

What Causes Diabetes?

What Causes Diabetes?Chances are, you know someone with diabetes, or someone in your family has it. But what causes it? How does a person develop the symptoms of diabetes?There are basically two types of diabetes, Type I and Type II. These differ as to their cause and...

Types of Diabetes – Know the Difference

Types of Diabetes – Know the Difference

Types of Diabetes - Know the Difference Many people know that there is a difference between Type I and Type II diabetes, but they aren't sure just what those differences are. Others may not know that there are actually several other types of diabetes in addition to...

Tips for Preventing Diabetes

Tips for Preventing Diabetes

Tips for Preventing DiabetesDiabetes is a growing problem. If you have diabetes in your family or otherwise are at risk, it makes sense to take some preventative steps. Type II diabetes is the most preventable form of the disease. Here are some tips that may help...

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